House of Khaddar

is a clothing line of authentic handloom blended with Indian Heritage and Western designs and silhouettes.

We will be working directly with the weavers and various craft communities across the state including block makers, printers and G.I. certified clusters. Blending Western silhouettes with Indian techniques is what sets us a part.

The Khadi outfits we are putting together at KHK are a refreshing take to what Khadi is usually synonymous with; dull, boring, or just too Indian. We keep away from going traditional and throw the fabric into a completely new light that is elegant, majestic yet trendy. The mission is to save the art of Khadi and make Khadi cool and relatable to the young urban market.

The story of KH – House of Khadi lies in bringing contemporary design to age-old weaves like Khadi – whether it’s the cut, feel or fit of the fabric.

recently visited the weavers of Kancheepuram. He looked at their plight, the efforts they put in and how less they get compensated. Mr. Kamal Haasan believes it is up to the youngsters to save, retrieve and preserve the dying art.

The first step towards this initiative is the creation of the brand KHK. Someone like Mr. Kamal Haasan can create a positive impact and we have seen a preview of this with the humongous response we’ve received on social media about Mr. Kamal Haasan wearing Khadi on the Bigg Boss platform. We at KHK are experimenting with patterns, textures, dying, printing and more to do with khadi. By 2021 it’ll be great to see khadi on the global map.